E-Resources of Taiwan Law in English


Public databases

It is part of the Taiwanese government’s efforts to promote transparency and openness of the government information and operation. In this context, there are mainly two public online databases where we can find the English versions of of many Taiwanese legal sources, translated and published by the legislative authorities.

These are:



Both of them are the official government pages which include an English version of them. The databases include laws, regulations, directives, conventions, judicial interpretations and decisions in full text both in Chinese and English.  


Commercial databases:


On the other hand, even though it is a commercial website, Lawbank offers access to a wide variety of primary and secondary resources in full text online. Some of the content is freely available to the public, but a great part of it requires a subscription. This resource deserves a special mention since it includes a searchable collection of administrative letter (only in Chinese) and some English translations unavailable in other sources. However, the Chinese version is more comprehensive than the English one.





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